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At Bella Laboratories, our mission is to help our clients provide informed support by facilitating fast, comprehensive drug testing.

Our testing services are based on Bella Laboratories S.T.A.R. Approach, which is built on four key principles that guide our testing services: Simplicity, Technology, Accuracy, Reliability.

Customer service

Bella Laboratories prides itself on offering a top quality service with the customers’ needs in first priority. As a client, you will be designated your own customer service representative to assist in training, staff education, along with any other needs you may have.

Panel customization

Each Bella Laboratories drug screen includes our standard 68-panel analysis. From there, clients have the option to customize their testing to ensure that it meets their needs and accommodates their standard practices.

Quick turnaround

We understand the need to receive results quickly and efficiently. That's why test results are made available to clients securely and conveniently via the Bella Laboratories online portal within 24 to 48 hours.

Cutting-edge technology

Bella Laboratories offers testing with greater sensitivity and specificity due to our method of analysis and use of liquid chromatography mass spectrometry. We can offer accurate detection of drug analytes and metabolites in the urine matrix.

Toxicology support

The Bella Laboratories Toxicology Support Team can provide you with all the information and guidance you could need to manage and interpret your test results.

Secure online portal

Clients can quickly and conveniently access test results online through the Bella Laboratories secure portal. Results are displayed in chronological order and can be exported via PDF to each client's preferred electronic medical records platform.

EMR integration

Depending on a client's needs, a unilateral or bilateral interface can be implemented for test results, allowing the client to filter electronic medical records as needed.

Note: It typically takes 30 to 60 days to complete integration requests.

Cumulative history report

To aid in capturing and identifying trends in drug usage, a cumulative history report is provided and available via the Bella Laboratories online portal, displaying the most recent test results.

Bella Laboratories will work closely with you to better understand your needs and provide support as you carry out research.

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